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ORLA GRAND-500 PB Digital Piano Polished Black
ORLA GRAND-500 PB Digital Piano Polished Black
ORLA GRAND-500 PB Digital Piano Polished Black
ORLA GRAND-500 PB Digital Piano Polished Black


Digital Piano Polished Black

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Orla 500- Premium Digital Grand Piano

ORLA: The New Standard in Digital Pianos

Orla offers the culmination of European style; with instrument sounds sampled and modeled in the laboratory in Italy. Orla artists from Italy, England, Germany and Holland, make sure that the sounds are ideal plus that each rhythm arrangement on the grand piano models is exciting and musically rewarding to play. Orla is the perfect musical partner for home, studio or performance venue.

The Orla Grand-500 digital Piano

The Orla Digital Grand Piano is a sophisticated instrument with magnificent looks and beautiful sound. Renowned for its extensive selection of features, this instrument boasts one of the most user-friendly layouts on the market. The panel of buttons is inviting for the pianist, and you will discover a superb selection of sounds and rhythm arrangements within. Featuring the acclaimed FATAR TP40 GH keyboard, this new series offers a superb playing response for the beginner and
advanced pianists alike.

Flexibility is endless; with the new generation of features and connection options, allowing your musical creativity to be unleashed. This flagship line of Digital Grand Pianos leaves no stone unturned; play it as an orchestra or simply as a grand piano. You can set it to play during your next party.

You can travel the musical world with its exceptional range of rhythm backings. Experience the enjoyment of this sensational instrument for your home or venue.

Step up to the exceptionally thrilling sound and aesthetic with the magnificent Orla 500. Often mistaken for a real grand piano, the stunning cabinet houses 8 speakers with a shattering 80 watts of power, for an electrifying musical experience.

Untitled Document Features Orla Grand-500
  • Sound source : High resolution European sampled sounds
  • Keyboard: Internationally acclaimed Fatar TP40 88-note Graded Hammer Action Keyboard
  • Display: 2-line backlit display
  • Polyphony: 128 notes max
  • Demo: 20 tracks
  • Sound selection: Grand Piano button, 10 sound groups (piano, organ, guitar and bass, strings and voices, brass and woodwinds, keyboards and synthesizers, accordions, world, drums and percussion, favorites)
  • Main Sound Section: 362 sounds, 10 drum kits, reverb, chorus, octave, volume
  • Dual sound section: 362 sounds, 10 drum kits, reverb, chorus, octave, volume
  • Sound section Left : 362 sounds, 10 drums, reverb, chorus, octave, volume
  • Controls: Master Volume, Bass / Treble, Data Buttons and Data Wheels, Pianist, Transpose / Pitch, Touch Control, Reverb, Chorus, Memory Bank, Layer, Left, Function, Enter
  • Memory Bank: 54 User programs (6 banks of 9 programs)
  • Pedals: Soft - Sustained - Sustain (with half pedal)
  • Selection Styles: Pop & Rock, Country, Standards, Latin 1, Latin 2, Jazz & Blues, Ballads, Ballroom, Dance, World, Favorites (11 groups)
  • Rhythm Orchestra: 2 Variations, Auto Accomp On / Off, Auto Set Up, Tap Tempo, Intro / Ending, Fill 1/2, Sinchro and Key Start, Start / Stop, Metronome, Drum Volume, Auto Accomp, Volume, Full Keyboard ( 350 styles)
  • Auto Set Up: 350 Auto Set Up Registration
  • USB Disk Recorder: Easy Recording Track 1 and Track 2, Multi Recording
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth audio connection ready
  • Effects: Reverb (8 types), Chorus (8 types)
  • Tuning: Transpose, Pitch
  • Dynamic: On / Off, 3 Selectable Curves (programmable with fixed touch)
  • Midi: Midi Out (16 channels), USB Midi In, Local Midi
  • Connections: USB disk for data storage and playback, USB to PC (audio / Midi), Midi Out, In / Out stereo, input level control
  • Headphones: 2 headphone jacks
  • Amplifier: Stereo amplification, 2 x 40W speaker (2 woofers, 2 tweeters)
  • Weight: 118kg.
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