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Roland KD-180 V-Kick Pad
Roland KD-180 V-Kick Pad
Roland KD-180 V-Kick Pad
Roland KD-180 V-Kick Pad


Roland KD-180
V-Kick Pad

EAN Code: 4957054512194
Cena (kom) :
1500.00 Eur

Besplatna dostava
za iznose preko 100eur

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Bring the Look And Feel of an 18-Inch Acoustic Bass Drum to Any V-Drums Kit

The commanding stage presence and familiar feel of a full-size kick drum is something all drummers can identify with. And now you can incorporate the presence and performance of an acoustic kick drum into any V-Drums kit with the KD-180. This ready-to-play solution features a standard 18-inch, high-quality, all-birch acoustic bass drum shell with Roland's advanced kick trigger electronics preinstalled. Roland's innovative air-damper mechanics work alongside the 18-inch acoustic shell to 'move air' and provide resistance as the beater hits the head, providing stable and accurate triggering with authentic acoustic feel. The KD-180 works with double kick pedals, and is compatible with most V-Drums sound modules. The KD-180 is also a great fit for hybrid acoustic-electronic setups, blending the appearance of an acoustic kick with the convenience of triggering any drum sound you desire.

* Kick pedal not included with KD-180
* The product design is subject to change without notice, and may vary from the images shown

  • Roland's advanced kick trigger electronics installed inside an 18-inch acoustic bass drum shell
  • High-quality, all-birch shell with custom chrome shell fittings
  • Incredible playing feel with Roland's innovative air-damper mechanics, which work alongside the acoustic shell to 'move air'
  • Stable and accurate triggering for single and double kick pedal work
  • Strong visual presence looks great on any stage
  • Compatible with many V-Drums rack stands and can be used alongside acoustic drum stands and hardware



18 (Diameter) x 12 (Depth) inches
7 ply
1 (Head)
Acceptable pedal
Single pedal, Twin pedal
Owner's Manual
Connection cable
Drum key
Options (sold separately)
Kick pedal
Size and Weight
580 mm
22-7/8 inches
453 mm
17-7/8 inches
562 mm
22-1/8 inches
9.3 kg
20 lbs 9 oz
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